Welcome to the Mortis Tips and Tricks Guide!

Alright, so you guys want to know about how to use Mortis? Well, I'm your man! I'm Mortis, after all!

Mortis is a very unique brawler, as his main attack consists of dashing forward. Since his health and damage isn't that high, you should avoid attacking Heavyweights (e.g. Rosa, El Primo) (unless they are on low health) or those who have a high damage, like Shelly or Leon. Instead of doing all the things I mentioned earlier, you should attack brawlers that have little health like Sharpshooters e.g. Crow, Rico, Piper. Beware if Piper has her super though! Mortis is also excellent for countering throwers, as he can dodge their attacks easily.


- You can use Mortis to play Gem Grab, Siege and Brawl Ball as he can use his normal attack to get to the items easily

- If two brawlers are sticking together, you can attack them because your attack can pierce enemies. While doing that, make sure you have your super ready. Then, when you are about to die, use your super on the two brawlers you were attacking. You will gain most of your health back and by that time, your enemies will probably be dead. (1260+1260+1260+1260= 5040, which means you can kill a Power Level 10 Shelly, Bo or Emz)

-You can use Mortis to counter Frank, although he is a Heavyweight. Because Frank's attack is so slow, you can dash through him every time he attacks, leaving him vulnerable. Then kill him.

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